Marten de Vos / History of Elias  -  Ca. 1570

Marten Van Heemskerck                Flemish School              Theodor Galle 


Marten van Heemskerck
(Heemskerk 1498-1574 Haarlem) - Dutch School

Pupil of Jan van Scorel. Went to Rome in  1532 and stayed there until 1537. He was very appreciated there and made many drawings of Rome and it's buildings. He visited the caves of the "Domus Aurea" of Nero and left his names carved in the sealing.
The designs of Marten Van Heemskerck are recognizable by the typical muscular of his figures and the antique architectural setting of his scenes.
Theodoor Galle (1571-1633)
He is known as one of the most brilliant engravers of his time. He worked in Antwerp for Rubens at the time the engraving as a whole, and the Antwerp Baroque book particularly took a very high flight. The works composed in this period where pure artistic and of enormous quality.. He was married to Catharine, the daughter of Jan Moretus and Marina Plantijn.


Complete series of 4 plates

Not found in Hollstein
With the publishers address of Theodor Galle

Early impressions on watermarked laid paper (Interlaced C's with a crown above)

Plate border: 20 by 24,50 cm
Sheet: 29 by 38 cm


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