18th C. Printdrawings by Ploos Van Amstel

Ploos Van Amstel               Jurian Cootwyck              Bernard Schreuder            Johannes Körlein       Cornelis Brouwer  

Cornelis Ploos Van Amstel  (1726-1798)

Cornelis was a very successful entrepreneur and that allowed him to become one of the most important art collectors from the Netherlands. Besides collecting drawings he was also interested in the scientific aspect of print making and experimented constantly in seeking new techniques to make etchings in a drawing alike style that reproduced his important collection. He experimented with printing in colour from several plates. He can be called a real inventor and brought the technique of printing to a new level. His working methods have been revealed by Th. Laurentius and catalogued in the work 'Cornelis Ploos van Amstel' Kunstverzamelaar en prentuitgever, published in 1980.

He was also Wood merchant and collector of old master drawings in Amsterdam. Devised new methods of reproducing drawings in prints ('prenttekening'), and published forty-six of them in twenty-one different sets between 1765-1787 in editions of 350 impressions, called 'Ectypa'; later bound together. He worked with other printmakers who were obliged to keep the newly invented techniques secret. Some of his assistants include Bernard Schreuder, Elisabeth van Woensel, Cornelis Buys, Cornelis Brouwer. His printer was Johannes Körlein. Son-in-law of Cornelis Troost

A selection of prints belonging to the first set of forty-six published by Ploos van Amstel himself.


Woman on a Mule

Laurentius 15 ( IV or V / V)           14,70 by 22,70 cm
With his etched trade mark on the backside (Laurentius 55)    7,20 by 6,40 cm
Beneath this handwritten names and dates of designer and engraver (Ploos Van Amstel Fecit 1768)

Drawer: Nicolaes Berchem (1620-1683)
Engraver: Johannes Körlein
Project Director: Ploos Van Amstel
Made and published in the year: 1769

Printed from one plate.
Transfer and roulette. Printed in a grey-brown black.

This print dates from 1769. Ploos van Amstel hired Körlein in 1765 with the terms that he had to be discrete about the secret techniques he learned from the master. It was his most loyal pupil. Unfortunately he died already in 1772.

Newspaper reader in an Interior

Laurentius 7 (II or III / III)      23,70 by 19,50 cm
With his etched trade mark on the backside (Laurentius 55)     7,20 by 6,40 cm

Drawer: Adriaen Van Ostade (1610-1685)
Engraver: Ploos Van Amstel
Date: Made and published in the year: 1766

Technique: Printed from one plates.
Etching of the lines and tinted by the roulette roulette. This is a more elaborate print and the fist one he issued with the use of more then two colours. The etching is printed in a brown colour and the colours, about 14 in total are added by hand colouring on the print itself.

This, together with Laurentius 17, Violin player before the Inn, is one of his the most wanted plates.

Two other works, bottom one with the his etched trade mark on the backside
(Laurentius 55)    7,20 by 6,40 cm


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