Cornelis Claesz. Van Wieringen / Claes Jansz. Visscher

Amsterdam            Van Wieringen          Master of the small landscapes            Map publisher            Dutch School

Cornelis Claesz. Van Wieringen  (ca. 1580-1633) - Dutch
Famous Dutch drawer, painter and etcher. First mentioned in Haarlem in 1597. He is generally considered as a pupil of Hendrick Vromm. Van Wieringen was a close friend from those other famous Haarlem painters like Goltzius and Cornelis Cornelisz. Van Haarlem. He specialised in marine paintings and received many commissions from the city of Haarlem and the Admiralty of Amsterdam.

Claes Jansz. Visscher   - (1587 - 1652 ) -  Dutch School
Son of Jan Claesz. Visscher , a carpenter in Amsterdam. He is mentioned as engraver in Masterdam in the year 1608. Right from the beginning around 1607 hos drawins show inspired, attractive but simple views of the Dutch landscape. He became the most prominent publishers of maps at his time and that has put the research of work as an engraver a bit in the shadow. Nevertheless he signed for some 200 engravings, many of them religious but others after his own designs or those by a couple of other artists like Claes van Wieringen and the master of the small landscapes.

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