The Dutch golden age : Jan van de Velde II

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Jan Van De Velde II (1593-1641)

Born in Rotterdam and died in Enkhuizen. Jan van de Velde is known for his drawings and engravings. He was a pupil of Jacob Matham in Haarlem around 1613. He worked in Haarlem until 1636 and then went to Enkhuizen. Jan van de Velde made his an important oeuvre mainly between 1615 and 1635. In the beginning he worked only after his own designs. Later also after drawings from Pieter Molijn and Buytewech.

Amenissimae aliquot regiunculae
(Some very attractive regions)

The complete suite of 18 oblong landscapes published in 1615 by Claes Jansz. Visscher.
The drawings and engravings are done by Van de Velde

This is the famous set in the impressive wide format.
Measurements around 12 by 31 cm.

 Outstanding early impressions trimmed on the plate border.
Full plate border and one mm margins.

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