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Jacques Beurdeley: A leading early twentieth century French engraver and etcher, Jacques Beurdeley studied painting under Cormon and printmaking techniques under Eugene Carriere. His first etchings were published in Paris in 1903 and exhibited at la Societe Nationale and with the Artistes Francais. A master of both landscapes and city views, Jacques Beurdeley depicted scenes in France, Holland, Italy, Belgium and England. Most of his engravings and etchings were published in Paris in limited editions of fifty signed impressions.

Scholars have often compared Jacques Beurdeley's etched art to that of either Corot or Meryon. By 1910, however, many of Jacques Beurdeley's engravings (particularly his scenes of Venice and Amsterdam) displayed an affinity to the later etchings of Whistler. Both artists began to brilliantly explore modernist ideas concerning spacial concepts and strong contrasts of light and dark


Hand signed and numbered landscape etching


reference: I.F.F. 132

hand signed and numbered 14/70

20,50 by 27 cm

Watermarked laid paper sheet 26 by 29 cm

Dry stamp
"Ed. Sagot, editeur Paris"
Lugt 2254



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