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Landscape subjects


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Very early imprints

Manuscripts and incunabula
14-15 thC Book of Hours
1488 incunabula : Ludolpus
I1494 Durer - ship of fools )
pre 1500 masters
Master UA (ca. 1440)
Erhard Reuwich of Utrecht (ca.1486)

Delbecq-Schreiber Passion (ca1480)
Woodcuts from the 15th- 16th C.
 Various old master
Jost Amman
Other various
Early engravings from the 16th century
German old master
Early Various
German renaissance masters
Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Altdorfer
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Hans Leonard Schaufelein

Italian work from the 16th century
Italian old master
Early Italian

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Various old master engravers

Rubens landscapes
by  Bolswert (images)

by Bolswert (description)

Dutch and Flemish landscapes from the golden age, 17th C.
The Italianisants
The realistic Dutch landscape I
The realistic Dutch landscape II
Early Flemish Landscape I
Early Flemish Landscape II
Flemish Landscape III
The court of Rudolf II

Famous Dutch artists
Famous Flemish artists  
Hendrick van Clève
Dutch masters from the 16-17th century
Lucas Van Leyden 
Rembrandt van Rijn

Maerten van Heemskerk
The Triumphs of Petrarch - 1565
The great banquet - ca.1558
Story of Shadrach,  -  ca. 1560
Story of Judith and Thamar - 1566

Story of David and Saul - 1566
Story of Elias, - ca. 1570
Old Master Drawings
16-17thC Dutch drawings
17-18thC. Italian Drawings                                 

 Dutch  landscape artists
Jan Van de Velde I
Jan Van de Velde II
Jan Van de Velde III (oblong series)
Reinier Nooms Zeeman : Seascape
Claes Visscher - Sea ports 
Abraham Bloemaert  
Anthony Waterloo I
Anthony Waterloo II
Waterloo III (large landscapes)

Herman Van Swanevelt
Cornelis Claesz. Van Wieringen
Gilles Van Scheyndel
Flemish landscape artists
Jan Breughel
Gilles Coninxloo
Roelandt Savery
Paul and Mathias Bril
Hans Collaert - The Ethipian
Hans Bol - The Months
Hans Bol
David Custodis
Peeter Stevens
Flemish masters from around 1600
Joan Sadeler
Johan Sadeler / The passion of Christ
Lambert Lombard: The feet Wash
Wierix - Religious Masterworks

Wierix /Dürer subjects
Jan Muller -The Raising of Lazarus
Wierix: Story of Jonas and the Whale
Peter Van der Borcht  II : Imagines et Figurae Bibliorum

Italian old masters
Guiseppe Vasi (1710-1782)
The French school from circa 1630
Stefano Della Bella
Jacques Callot
Series of prints
Sebastien Leclerc (costume prints)
16th complete suites - Flemish prints
Marten de Vos / The Song of Songs
Adriaen Collaert: he Five Senses

Antwerp Baroque masters 17th century

 Rubens-Van Dyck-Jordaens
17thc. Italian landscapes
Dominique Barriere
Frans van Bloemen - Orizonte
17tC. German  landscape artists
German landscapes
Frans Weirotter
Matthäus Merian
17tC. Dutch an Flemish landscapes with natural themes
Adrian Collaert / Fish

Hans Bol / Hunt
Botanicals by Emmanuel Sweert
1578 Stradanus: The Hunting-Parties  

Complete suites of landscapes
Stephani: Twelve months by Sadeler
De Momper: Twelve months by Collaert
Hans Bol: Twelve months by Collaert
Marine prints from the 18th century
1780 Pierre Ozanne: Serie of Ships
Selection British and French Marina prints
French landscapes 16-19thC.
Claude Le Lorrain  
After Claude Lorrain

Le Pautre

Jean-Jacques De Boissieu
Jean Morin

19th.Century's and Modern work

Goltzius and mannerism
An overview
Hendrick Goltzius
Hendrick Goltzius: The Passion
Hendrick Goltzius: Christian Allegory
Hendrick Goltzius: The Apostles
Hendrick Goltzius: Roman Heroes
Jacob Matham
Jacob Matham / The Vices

Cornelis Cort / Labours of Hercules
Jan Saenredam
Goltzius by others
Jacques De Gheyn
De Gheyn - Conversion of St Paul
Crispin de Passe / Ovidian

Wtteweal / Swaenenburg
Other Old master Prints
Dutch animal etchers
Jan van den Hecke / Animal etchings
Paulus Potter / Animal etchings
Dirck Stoop / Animal etchings
Bird prints from the 16-17thC
Fine Dutch Portraits
Samuel Bottschild 
Miscellaneous subjects
Virtuoso Religious........
Architecture and Ornament
Mezzotint Portraits

17thC. paintings on copper
Dutch Battle Scenes

Special subjects

16th-17thC. Music prints
18th C. Politic satire etchings
18th C. Caricature etchings on the Stock Market
18th C. Printdrawings by Ploos Van Amstel
18th C. around Ploos Van Amstel: J. J. Bylaert - H. Spelman
18th C. around Ploos Van Amstel: Bernard Schreuder
18th C. around Ploos Van Amstel: Jurrian Cootwijck
18th C. around Ploos Van Amstel: Cornelis Van Noorde
18th C. printdrawings  after Rembrandt

17th C. Equestrian prints