16th-17thC. Engravings of birds

Claes Jansz. Nicolas Visscher I               Claes Jansz.  Visscher II               Adrian Collaert               Wenceslaus Hollar              Pieter Boel

Claes Jansz. Nicolas Visscher I ( 1550-1612)       Claes Jansz.  Visscher II ( 1586-1652)     Adrian Collaert (1560-1618)   Wenceslaus Hollar (1607 - 1677)       (Pieter Boel (1622 – 1674).

A group of fine etchings including works by  famous painter-engravers as Hollar and PieterBoel

Pieter Boel (1626–1674)  - Flemish School
 Flemish Baroque painter who specialised in lavish still lifes and animals. Boel was born in Antwerp. He probably went to Italy in 1650. In 1668. According to Nagler he is one of the most skilful animal painters presumably a pupil of Frans Snyders . He also etched in copper and delivered masterworks in his prints which deserve the admiration of the artists and connoisseurs. They are rare. He also worked for Charles Le Brun (1619–1690) in his first tapestry making studio and died in Paris.

Wenceslaus Hollar (1607 - 1677) - Czech School,
Bohemian etcher. He was born in Prague, and died in London,
Young Hollar, was  destined for the law but became an artist. The earliest of his works are influenced by Dürer.  In 1627 he was at Frankfurt, working under Matthew Merian,  later he met Thomas, earl of Arundel, travelled with him to Vienna and Prague, and  his home. Lord Arundel left England in 1642, and Hollar passed into the service of the duke of York. With other royalist artists, he stood the long and eventful siege of Basing House. After taken prisoner, he joined Lord Arundel at Antwerp, where he produced his finest plates. In 1652 he returned to London, and published many books which he illustrated: like  Ogilby's Virgil and Homer. He died in extreme poverty, his last recorded words being a request to the bailiffs that they would not carry away the bed on which he was dying.
Diversae avium species

Eight pigeons in a farmyard near a coup; a dovecote in the background, right
Pennington 2125

Three herons; one, with its wings outstretched, snatches a frog from the river, while another takes off, and the third stands in the water in front of some bulrushes
Pennington 2138


A group of two  prints from Barlow's first, untitled, series of birds dating 1654

Francis Barlow (1626-1704) is a known draughtsmen specialised in animals. Most of his plates were etched by the leading figures of the day: Wenceslaus Hollar, Richard Gaywood, Jan Griffier, and Francis Place. He designed some 8 series of animals starting in 1654 and ending in 1694. The plates here are from the rare first series done in 1654. Noticeable is that there were copy's in reverse and unsigned copy's but here we have original lifetime impressions signed by Barlow and Hollar and in early impression.
Laid paper with 'pot with flowers' watermark that fits the period.

Provenance: Former collection Baron Casier

Various 17th century's masters


Above a group of prints from the 17th century. These are etchings in reverse without the signature of Collaert done by another artist.
19 cm height by 13,50 cm wide

Diversae avium species

Above a print from the 17th century. Etching without the signature of Hollar by another artist.
19 cm height by 13,50 cm wide

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