17th Century: Original Jacques Callot engravings

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Jacques Callot (1592-1632) was one of the earliest great creative artists to practice the graphic arts exclusively. His career can be divided into two periods: an Italian period, c. 1609-1621, and a Lorraine period from 1621 until his death. Callot studied the technique of engraving under Phillipe Thomasin in Rome. About 1612 he joined Guilio Parigi in Florence. At that time Medici patronage expended itself almost exclusively on "feste," and both Parigi and Callot were employed by Cosimo II (de Medici) to create visual records of these entertainments. Callots compositions are organized as if they were a stage setting and reduced the figures to a tiny scale, each one being rendered by the fewest possible strokes. This required an extremely fine etching technique. Callot enjoyed a lasting popularity all over Europe. He returned to Nancy after Cosimo*s death in 1621. During the Lorraine period Callot illustrated sacred books, made a series of plates of the Apostles, and visited Paris to make animated maps of the sieges of La Rochelle and the Ile de RÈ. Callot was one of the first etchers to used the technique of repeated biting, and sometimes combined graver work with etching

The presence of Callot work in my collection is important.
below you can access some groups of original Callot prints.

These are -almost without exception-  early states, and often in the form of a complete series.
Needless to emphasize these are important valuable work and you will hardly find a selection like this elsewhere.

Subject Description Lieure reference
17th.C. Jacques Callot: Varie Figure 15 From the series of 16 in early states ( II / III ), (II / V ) L.201-213, L403-405
Les Caprices 40 From the series of 50 in first state ( I / II )  214-263, L.427-477
The Gobbi 15 From the series of 21 in first state ( I / II ) L.279, L.407-426
La Grande Passion The complete series of 7 in early states (I / III ), ( II / VI L.281- 287
17th.C. Jacques Callot: Les sept peches capitaux cques Callot: L.354-360
Balli Di Sfessania The almost complete series of 23 on 24 in first state L.379- 402
17th.C. Jacques Callot: Les Gueux 5 From the  series of 25 in first state ( I / II ) L.479-503
La Noblesse 9 From the series of 12 in only state L.549-560
Les Pénitent et Pénitentes The complete series of 6 ( II / II ) L.1315-1319
17th.C. Jacques Callot: Various subjects Several standalone works various

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