Antonio Domenico Gabbiani.... Guiseppe Zocchi

This listing contains mainly prints after the work of the great Antonio-Domenico Gabbiani (Florence 1652-1726)
He worked under the protection of the great duke Cme III and went to the academia Florentine in Rome. He worked also at the royal court in Vienna and made the portrait of the emperor. He returned to Italy as a very renomated painter and died in Florence, his native town. Around mid 18th century beautiful work was made after his very decorative designs by artists like Zocchi and Cioci. These etchings are often made in a brown-red ink and have a drawing-like look.

Type Period Country
Gabbiani's influence 18th century Italy

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Women's portrait by Zocchi after Barbieri. 20.5 x 14.5 cm ( on request )

Inventor: Giovanni Fran. Barbieri (1591-1666)
Guiseppe Zocchi (Florence 1711-Florence 1767)
Subject: Portrait
Technical: Excellent stroke, laid paper chain lines 1.2 inches, window cut sheet (back visible), excellent condition
Interest: A Zocchi print in excellent state
Vivid landscape after Gabbiani by Cioci. 20 x 21 cm ( on request )

Antonio Domenico Gabbiani

Inventor: Antonio-Domenico Gabbiani (Florence 1652-1726)
Antonio Cioci. Painter, etcher, who worked in Florence in 1762.Reference work notes from him two works after Gabbiani.
Subject: Fine landscape.
Technical: Good stroke, laid paper, backed with borders, corners slightly unfresh, good condition
Interest: An interesting drawing alike etching

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