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This listing contains original prints by or after great masters like Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, Hans Burgmair and some others who are all exponents of the great renaissance art in the early German period. This work is mainly situated in the first half of the 16th century

Type Period Country
Early Old master Woodcuts 16th century Germany

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1504 Dürer copy of three saints 21,00 x 14,00 cm on request

Albrecht Dürer

Inventor: Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)
Subject: Saint Etienne, Saint Sixte and St Laurent. Reverse copy after Dürer woodcut reference B108, Meder235,
: Woodcut in perfect condition on strong laid paper. A marvellous impression on early laid paper with chain lines at one inches. Estimated date of the impression 1620.

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1518 Burgmair woodcut of Saint Cloud 23,50 x 21,00 cm on request

burgkmair burgmair

Engraver: Hans Burgkmair the elder (1473-1559) Contemporain of Dürer
Subject: Saint Cloud, the Saint of the family of maximilien
One of the strangest stories in printing history. Burgkmair made a suite of 92 large woodcuts representing the life and glory of emperor Maximilian around 1518 but for some reason the emperor found them not suitable for publication. Jet at the end of the 18th century the woodblocks were discovered and the first publication found birth.
: Sharp good inked woodcut on strong laid watermarked paper. The bottom left corner came not trough. In a full sheet with nice margins.

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Ca 1503 woodcut of Charon shipping to Hell 16,80 x 12,50 on request

margarita philosophica

Engraver: Anonymous
Reference: From Margarita Philosophica, first published by Gregor Reisch (1467-1525) in Basel in 1503. This one comes from a publication from circa 1510.
: A good inked early impression of this popular subject. Some damp staining mainly in the margins. Variable margins between 4 mm and 2 cm on all sides. The Latin text on the backside is typical for the early period.
Subject: Hell shown as the open mouth of a monster, devils torturing people top right. Charon shipping more people over the river. An inspired design with the typical lack of perspective of this early works.

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Ca 1500 full page incunabula woodcut 21,50 x 16,00 sold

1500 woodcut

Engraver: Unknown
Technical: Very detailed design on nice early laid paper with German text on the back. The initial on the backside is not printed but left open to be added hand drawn, that is a typical feature of the incunabula period.
Restoration to the upper left corner, otherwise good.
Subject: Looks like a dedication woodcut of a book offered to it's protector, emperor Maximilian

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16th century's Salvator Mundi 28,50 x 18.00 cm on request

Van der Borcht

Engraver: Unknown but attributed to Peter Van Der Borcht (1545-1608)
Technical: Wonderful good inked etching on early laid paper with Dutch text on the back..
Interest: Extremely good impression of a larger and very early looking etching. The style is near to that of Van der Borcht but much better then his more common work.

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1532 Georg Lemberger landscape 11,80 x 13,70 cm on request

Georg lemberger

Engraver: Georg Lemberger (15th-16th century's German engraver) worked in Leipzig and Wittenberg
Unsigned but very similar to the one signed by Lemberger above.
Technical: Woodcut on thin laid watermarked paper with gGrman text on the back.

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1545 Kobel woodcut of the standard-bearer of Halberstat 21,80 x 14,20 cm SOLD


Engraver: Jacob Kerver (died 1583 in Paris)
Publisher: Jacob Kobel (worked around 1520)
Standard-bearer out of the work Wappen des heiligen Roemischen Reich, published in Frankfort in 1540.
: Good inked woodcut on strong laid watermarked paper split between back and front.

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16th century's Italian woodcut 4,90 x 9,00 cm on request

Engraver: Unknown
Technical: Delicate woodcut on strong laid paper with Italian text in tiny letters on the back.
Subject: A battle in a swamp with a horseman riding away on the left.

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