Hendrick Goltzius / Utrecht mannerism from 17th century

Hendrick Goltzius              Jacques de Gheyn             Utrecht             Mannerism             Dutch School

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1647)
Master of the Burin. A monument in engraving art. Leading figure of the mannerist school of Dutch engravers. For technique as an engraver Goltzius is considered as unsurpassed, even by Dürer. He was a pupil of Dirk Volckertz, Coornhert and Philippe Galle. His mannerism was highly influenced by Spranger but after a journey to Italy he developed it to a less exaggerated form. His designs where engraved, often with even more skill by his contemporain Jan Saenredam and Goltzius pupil and son of Goltzius second wife: Jacob Matham.
This designs are masterly done and Goltzius, Matham and Saenredam where superb engravers. Their work makes part of the upper-class art-sales. The works below are mostly inventions of Goltzius, engraved by himself or engraved by Saenredam or Matham. Few others are engravings by Saenredam on his own invention.
on Pieter, who later became famous for his paintings of the interiors of churches, was born. He died in Assendelft in 1607.

The Passion of Christ
Complete set of 12 prints measuring 20,50 cm X 14 cm
Dated 1597 and 1596 inside plate border
Published by Frederick De Witt (1610-1698)





H.67 ( II )

H.68 ( II )

H.70 ( II )

H.71 ( first state )

H.72 ( II ) H.73 ( II )

H.74  ( II )

  Variant, possibly H..75,before the number

The prints are in a nice matting with gold leave borders. The paper is early woven or laid without visible chain lines.
Circular collection stamp top left on the backside on some of the prints.
This is the original Goltzius series and not the copy as described by Bartch.
The originality can be checked on plate 19 with the dots between the letters I.N.R.I. as the copy set doesn't has those dots.

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