16th Century: Hendrick Goltzius 

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1586: The Roman Heroes

Publius Horatius, whole-length, wearing a plumed helm and holding aloft a sword; beyond a combat is taking place within a fenced ring with mainly pikemen spectating.

Horatius Cocles, whole-length, striding forward to right, holding aloft a shield and a sword; beyond, Cocles is single-handedly fighting off his foes at a bridgehead.

Mucius Scaevola, whole-length, wearing a helmet decorated with a dragon and brandishing a sword; beyond, he places his hand into an altar fire

Marcus Curtius holding out a baton and riding on a rearing horse, to left; beyond a street scene with Marcus Curtius riding into a chasm.

Titus Manlius Torquatus, whole-length, wearing a plumed helmet, leaning back with one foot on a shield and drawing his sword; beyond he is slaying a giant Gaul foe on a bridge.

Marcus Valerius Corvus, whole-length, seen from behind, with a billowing cloak; beyond he fights a Gaul with the assistamce of a raven.

Titus Manlius on horseback, seen from behind; beyond, seen through the legs of the stallion, he slays a foe with a lance.

Top work engraved by the master himself. Large impressive prints in early impression. 37 by 24 cm.

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