Matthias Merian (1593-1650)

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Matthäus Merian the Elder (1593-1650) - Swiss School
This fine artist was born in Basel and died in Bas-Schwalbach. Painter of portraits and landscapes, history-painter and engraver. After being a pupil from Dieter Mayer in Zurich for four years, he went to Nancy an met Callot. In 1617 he was employed by Theodore De Bry whose daughter Maria Magdalena he married in 1617. In 1618 he settled in Frankfurt where many of his refined work was made. In 1620 he moved back to Basel, only to return three years later to Frankfurt, where Merian took over the publishing house of his father-in-law after de Bry's death in 1623. Known for his landscapes and views of city's.  Matthäus Merian died after several years of illness in 1650 in Bad Schwalbach near Wiesbaden. He developed an own delicate style very recognizable in the form of the leaves on the trees and the texture of the foliage and water surface

A group of landscapes from Germany

Nice watermarked laid paper
variable between 12-14 on 15-17 cm
(the one at the left 18 by 28 cm)
full sheet with wide margins

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