17thC.  French  Landscapes / Jean Le Pautre

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Jean Le Pautre (1618-1682)
This great French artist began his carrier as a designer for carpenters but his brilliant imagination pushed him towards greater achievements. He began with engraving and produced a vast Oeuvre of etchings and engravings showing frizzes, vases, ceiling decorations, landscapes ..etc. His work is, with only a few exceptions made from his own invention and it is due to his work that confirmed the Louis XIV style conquered  Europe. His delicate style is in some details comparable to that of Della Bella. He was born and died at Paris.

♣       Publishers: Pierre Mariette (1626 - 1696)     
Jean Le Blond (Paris 1635-1709)   

Title and four landscapes

Most of them with a recognizable scene with the story of Moses

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These etchings are wonderful lifetime impressions on full sheets of laid paper with nice margins. The overall condition is perfect.
Measurements are 10.50 by 14.50 for the sheets and 9.00 by 11.50 for the etchings.

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