Complete set of engravings / Collaert Family

1598: The Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome

Phillips Galle                Joan Collaert           Adriaan Collaert    


Adrian Collaert (1560-1618) and Jan II Collaert (1540-1628)
Their father Hans Collaert (Died 1581) was also an engraver. Adrian was the son in law of the famous engraver and publisher Philips Galle. These engravers are involved in the engraving of many spectacular religious plates from the period and made also nice mythological and  landscape engravings or suites with birds and fish in natural surroundings.

Ca. 1598

New Hollstein 1221-1228. A series of eight plates

PHILIPS GALLE (1537 -  1612)
Flemish engraver and publisher, was one of the most important and influential printmakers during the second half of the sixteenth century. Ph. Galle began his career working in the studio of the engraver/publisher Hieronymus Cock. . In 1563, he began his own print publishing business in Haarlem, moving the business to larger premises in Antwerp in 1570, where he modelled his studio on those of Cock and of Christoph Plantin. Later, his son Theodoor ran the family business from 1600.

General good condition. Measure around 29 by 21 cm on plate border and have good margins. Larger watermark in an early paper.


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