18th Century: Giovanni Battista PIRANESI

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Giovanni-Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)

One of the greatest artists in the history of etching and the Vedute genre. As an architect and archaeologist he encouraged the interest in the antiquities in Rome. As most great artists he was not easy to coop with and he followed his own direction. The large formats he used and  his technical capability strengthened the intensity of his work. Typical are his blacks, darker then all inks used before.

47 by 67,5 cm
Interior view of the villa of Maecenas
Taschen / Wilton-Ely / Focillon: 944 206 769
(Paris edition, with the number 53 in the top left corner)

39 by 55 cm
Tomb wrongly called that of the Horatii and Curatii
Taschen / Wilton-Ely / Focillon: 565 647 514
(Roman edition)


Veduti Di Roma
The master work he worked on all his career

41,5 cm by 69 cm
View of the Palazzo Stopani (Vidoni Caffarelli
Taschen / Wilton-Ely / Focillon: 999 261 842
(Paris edition with the number 41 top right)


Vasi, Candelabri, Cippi I (Anno 1778)

38,2 by 52,8 cm
Various lamps of bronze and a vase encrusted with cameos
Taschen / Wilton-Ely / Focillon: 745 900 613
(Edition unknown, probably Paris edition)


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