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The Peter Paul Rubens landscapes
Below a description of the available landscapes.
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Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Schelte A. Bolswert (1581-1659)
It is hardly needed to explain the importance of Pieter Paul Rubens, the great baroque painter in Antwerp together with Jordaens and Van Dijck. The importance of this painter and diplomat can hardly be overestimated. He had yet during his life a great influence on Antwerp artists and and trained a whole atelier of fine painters. he was also involved with the publications of the house Plantijn-Moretus.
The landscape
Born in Bolswert, Frisia, 1586 – Died Antwerp 1659
Bolswert was on friendly terms with Rubens whose paintings he reproduced with unsurpassable mastership, dealing with such a fine deception for the charm of the colors that for a long time one thought of a direct participation of Rubens at these works, but the most important works of Schelte's are his latest, after Ruben's death 
The Small Landscapes after Rubens
Socalled Small Landscapes after Rubens although these are large landscape engravings measuring about 12.00 by 16.50 inches.
For reference see Hollstein 305-325, but Bolswert did make a suite of even larger prints called the Large Landscapes.
Unless mentioned these are all with the address of Aegidius (Gillis) Hendriks in Antwerp (Gillis Hendricx excudit / Antwerpiae Cum privilegio),  before  that of Jean Philipp le Bas (1708 Paris 1782)." For a long period Martinus van den Enden was nearly the only publisher (of Bolswert's) plates. But in many cases G. Hendricx, too, is ... the first and best address. " Hendricx, active since 1645, Wurzbach notes "owner of the old stock of van den Enden"
These landscapes are in true Flemish tradition but the imaginairy setting has made place for a more realistic scene.
Some subjects are violent like the (n 22 and 13) Coastal Landscape with Thunderstorm. Fortified town at a mountainous bay. Before the harbour ships and boats – in Feininger-like depiction – searched rescue. On the peninsular in the foreground two churches, a shepherd with his flock, and farmers running away. Inscribed: .P.P. Rubbens (sic!) pinxit . / S a Bolswert fecit. Others are still Italianate with ancient runs as a major feature but most are showing a quiet pastoral Flemish flat landscape often with a sunset, other with a rainbow.
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rubens21D rubens 21DD   rubens4D rubens 4DD
rubens20D rubens 20DD   rubens26D rubens 26DD
Same landscapes by Rubens interpreted by other engravers like Da Boudt and Cornelis Galle
rubens12D rubens 12DD   rubens11D rubens 11DD
rubens23D rubens 23DD   rubens15D rubens 15DD
Some information about condition and origin
These interesting landscapes where acquired here and there over the last years and recently expanded with an important aquisition.
Most of them are on fine laid paper with chainlines at one inch maximum and with old collection inscription on the back in the corner. Some are on stiffer paper, some are backed. One has a stamp of N.Y. public library prints devision. Many have a watermark of a bunch of grapes. Most are in good condition and if defects, these are noticable on the images. Please ask for a condition report for the ones you're interested in.
These are without exception good impressions.

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