Landscape artists at the court of Rudolf II in Prague

Roelandt Savery            Isaak Major           Aegiudius Sadeler             Joan Sadeler            Pieter Stevens   

Aegidius Sadeler II

The complete suite of the "Twelve  Months including title"


Important set in a rare complete condition,
 including the title etching who is mostly lacking

22,50 cm in height by 28,50 cm wide on plate border
In a full sheet of laid paper measuring 28 by 37 cm with wide margins

Good condition with only one a few with a marginal tear not affecting the image

Hollstein 129-141,

Aegidius Sadeler  (Antwerp 1570-1629 Prague) - Flemish School
Painter and engraver. Nephew of Jan Sadeler I. In Frankfort c.1590. Travelled  in Italy (Rome 1593, Verona, Venice) Munich 1594. 1597 in Prague at the court of Rudolph II.  
Jan Sadeler and  Aegidius and Raphael are from Brussels but later went to Germany where most of their important 16th century's production found birth. Although mainly done after the invention of contemporain artist from the late 16th century, the work of the Sadelers has it's place among the great achievements of 16th-17th European engraving art. The quality in design and de excellent engraving technical is also strongly present in this engraving.

Peeter Stevens II (1567-1624)  Flemish School

Also called Stehani or Magzhan.Painter of landscapes and engraver from Mechelen (Malines). He was a member of the Guild of Mechelen in 1560. Court painter of Rudolph II in Prague between 1590-1612. Around 1600 he was in Venice and Rome. Known for his landscapes.

Marcus Sadeler (Munchen 1614)

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