Maarten de Vos /  Adriaen Collaert

The five senses - ca. 1600

Maarten de Vos                                                                  Adriaen Collaert

Profane Allegories




 Mary Magdalen antointing Christs feet
Creation Adam and Eve

Christ healing a blind near pool of Siloam
Tree of Knowledghe


Multiplication of bread and fishes
Fall of Mann

John the Baptist preaching
Adam and Eve hiding for the Lord

Miracoulous draght of Fishes
Expulsion from Paradise

Maerten de Vos (1532 - 1603)
Painter and draughtsman. Pupil of Pieter de Vos, follower of Frans Floris in Antwerp and presumably of Jacopo Tintoretto in Venice. 1550-1558 in Italy; visited Rome, Venice and possibly Florence. In 1558 master in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke. In 1571 and 1572 dean of the Guild of St Luke. From 1575 mainly print designs. Documented as a Lutheran in 1584, adapting to the prevailing Catholicism in 1585. On the Summer of 1589 a short stay in Ghent. Apart from his sons Daniel (1568-1605) and Maarten the Younger (1576-1613), eleven pupils were registered with the Guild of whom only Wenzel Coeberger (1573) is well known.

Adriaen Collaert (c.1560 - 1618)
Engraver and major publisher in Antwerp. Son of Hans Collaert I. Married daughter of Philips Galle in 1586. Publishing from c.1588. Played various roles in the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp (treasurer, assistant dean and, later, dean).

Adriaen Collaert (c.1560 - 1618)

Hollstein 1491-1495 (Maarten De Vos), Hollstein 1637-1371 (The Collaert Dynasty)
First state on four for Odoratus, First state on three for the others
From the first edition with Adrian Collaert Sculp et excud.Before all other publishers (Carl Collaert, Visscher, Allardt) Not in British Museum.

Complete with text line.General good condition. Measures 21,5 by 26,1 cm. Full plate border and good margins.Watermark: Crowned eagle with spread wings.

Date: Ca.1600

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