The realistic Dutch landscapes of Anthony Waterloo

Anthony Waterloo                              Johannes Ruisscher                        Reinier and Joachim Ottens 

One of the finest landscape artists of the mid of the 17th century. With this online catalogue I'm glad to offer some of his finest works.

Anthonie Waterloo (1610-1690)

We can not pass without this monument in landscape engraving. He is no Italianisant and probably never went to Rome either. He developed his own style with special mentioning for his absolutely wonderful trees. His work is extensive (136 etchings) and always a delight to look trough. Most impressive are his large landscapes and I'm glad to offer a nice selection below

From the series of 6 landscapes

Reference: Hollstein 33-38
(measurements about 11,6 by 14 cm)
This is from the 4th edition of 10 and was published by Reinier and Joshua Ottens.
With the substitute plate H.138 as issued in this publication

H.33 ( III / V )
Two travellers in a wood

H.34 ( III /IV )
Woman on a small bridge


H.36 ( III / IV )
Two boys and their dogs at the waterside
H.37 ( II / III )
Two shepherds resting at the foot of a tree

Other available Waterloo etchings

     H.56 ( II / III )
12,9 by 13,9 cm
Two men at a gate.
Second state of three with the foliage added  


H.3 ( IV / IV )
10,3 by 12 cm
The pierced rock

 H.67 ( III / III)
13,2 by 14,6 cm
The two lanes
Anthonie Waterloo Landscape Anthonie Waterloo Landscape

H.4 ( II / III )
10,4 by 11,9 cm
The hermitage
A fine impression with all margins
 from the collection E.S. (Stuyck)  

H.63 ( II / III )
12 by 14,3 cm
Two riders
Second state before the rework of the third .
from the collection E.S. (Stuyck)  


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Anthonie Waterloo LandscapeAnthonie Waterloo Landscape


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