17th Century's Italian landscapes by Dominic Barriere Massiliensis

         Dominic Barrière                           Dominico Zampieri                      Gio-Jacomo de Rossi                      Carracci             Claude Lorrain

Dominicus Barriere (1610-1678) - Italian School
Drawer and etcher.  Worked after Claude Lorrain and Italian artists. His style is very fine and reminds that of Claude.

Two Mythological landscapes
After paintings by D.Z. (Zampieri)

Signed BD interlaced and D.Z. Pin

Measures 20,50 by 32,50 cm on plate border,
 In a full sheet of laid paper with nice margins.

Invented by: Domenico Zampieri  1581 - 1641)  - Italian painter (Bolognese school)

Also known as Domenichino. He was Annibale Carracci's favourite pupil and one of the most important upholders of the tradition of Bolognese classicism. After studying with Calvaert and Ludovico Carracci he went to Rome (1602) and joined the colony of artists working under Annibale Carracci at the Palazzo Farnese.

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