16thC. Washing the Ethiopian (dialogue)

          Hendrick Van Cleve (1525-1589)                           Joan Sadeler I (1550-1600)                        Adrian Collaert (1560-1618)  

This is a nice example to show the interaction between the artists community's from the 16th-17th century's.
The Iconography was something that was delivered from generation to generation and only the real creative artists where capable to place their own image language into history.
 Now developments and themes where adapted and reworked or copied by the artist. The image was related to themes and symbolism we do not always recognize today.

Washing the Ethiopian

From a Greek proverb here showing the useless effort to wash the black Ethiopian.

After a design by Hendrick Van Cleve. (1525-1589) - H.42

Left the version by Adrian Collaert.
A superior impression in top condition.

    Right the version by Joan Sadeler
A good impression from the 17th century

ROCKY RIVERSCAPE, on, the left three boys and a Moor
Adrian Collaert (1560-1618)
H. 538    
20 by 26,30 cm
In a larger full sheet with nice margins. Laid paper with a "vase" watermark

ROCKY RIVERSCAPE, on, the right three boys and a Moor
Joan Sadeler I (1550-1600)
H. 581
21,50 by 26,90 cm
In a larger full sheet with nice margins.



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