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Italian Master - Stefano Della Bella 17th century Italy-France

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Stefano Della Bella (1610-1664)
Painter, Etcher, Engraver. An important printmaker as well as a consummate draftsman. Possessed a skilled and playful hand. Lived at a time when graphic art had a large international audience. An exact contemporary of Giovanni-Benedetto Castiglione and Rembrandt van Rijn. Was most strongly influenced by the French artist Jacques Callot. Son of the sculptor Francesco della Bella, who wished for him to carry on the profession. However, Stefano's early designs were so extraordinary that Francesco sent him to study painting with Cesare Dandini. However, Stefano wanted to be an engraver, and with his father's blessing he entered the atelier of Remigio Cantagallina, the teacher of Callot. A protégé of the Medici, he worked for them before going to Rome ca. 1638. Worked in Paris for many French publishers, returning to Florence in 1650, at which time the Grand Duke of Tuscany named him the design teacher for his son Cosme. Stefano is buried in the church at San Ambrogio.

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Le Pont Neuf - Paris View 2.80 x 4.15 ( on request )

Inventor an etcher: Stefano Della Bella
Subject: Animated Parisian View on Quai d'Holrloge and Quai des Orfévres
Technical: Good stroke on original laid paper with full plate mark and small margins all around. Small accident top middle border
Interest: The Views of Paris are very searched after.

Circualar Pastoral Landscape 15.70 x 13.50 ( on request )

Inventor an etcher: Stefano Della Bella
Subject: Probably from the suite "Landscapes and Ruins of Rome"
Technical: Good stroke on original laid paper trimmed on plate border. Circular watermark with vase of flowers.
Interest: Typical Landscape etching out of his Oeuvre


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