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Type Period Country
Complete suites 16th century Flemish - Dutch

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Ca 1575: The Cardinal Virtues, complete set of eight by Herman Müller 22,50 x 29,50 (on request)
  Engraver: Herman Müller (1540 - 1617) - Dutch School
Publisher: Gerard de Jode (1509 - 1591)
Subject: Popular set of the Cardinal virtues, two by two on a sheet, here consisting out of eight instead of seven.
Each figure sitting on an old testamentic person (King David, Goliath?, Kaïn,...) New testamentic scene in the background. The text line is the prayer of the Holy Father.
Technical: Good impressions on watermarked laid (Gothic P) Full plate border and nice margins on a full sheet with one inch margins.
Interest: Complete set of the virtues

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