Bloemaert : Dutch landscape in  Mannerism style

Goltzius                            Bloemaert                         De Gheyn

The mannerism was the style used for the most magnificent and technically best made engravings.
Goltzius, Saenredam and Matham where masters , unsurpassed in their work.

Most subjects where Mythological or religious but a few of the best works where clear landscape engravings.

Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651)

Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651) Painter-Engraver born in Dordrecht. Pupil of amongst other Frans Floris. He went to Paris at a young age and studied the woks of Primatticio and Nicolo dell'Abate. At the age of 19 he was back in Utrecht and worked with Cornelis Van Haarlem. He was influenced by those other Utrecht Mannerists Hendrik Goltzius and Bartholomaus Spranger. His work found birth in Utrecht and Amsterdam and he became one of the most important adepts of the mannerism. Not at least by his long active life and the influence on his sons who worked in the same genius wonderful style.

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