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Great Masters - Jan Sanredam 16 th century The Netherlands

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Jan Saenredam (1565-1607)
Engraver, born 1565 in Zaandam; died 1607 in Assendelft. Pupil of Hendrik Goltzius and possibly Jakob de Gheyn II. He is one of the prominent engravers of the work of Goltzius and the other utrecht mannerists. He joined the circle of 17th century's Dutch artists who's work is very much sought after. Reference: Hollstein, vol. XXIII, p.5ff. Bartsch, vol. 2, p. 127 ff. Bartsch, vol. III, p. 127 The Illustrated Bartsch, vol. 4 (3, pt.2)

Description Size in cm Price
1569 :Saturn presiding over agriculture, IV / V 25.00 x 17.50

saenredam bloemaert

Inventor: Hendrick Goltzius
Engraver: J.Saenredam
Subject: Saturn presiding over agriculture from a suite of seven planetary Gods after Hendricks Goltzius.
Reference: Hollstein 50, state IV of V before the address of G Valk
: Nice laid with large watermark (eagle with spread wings?) trimmed outside image border, fair impression
Interest: from a fabulous and very desirable series

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