Pierre Ozanne

Mélanges de Vaisseaux, de Barques et de Bateaux - 1780

Pierre Ozanne                    Jean-Francoise Ozanne                  Le Gouaz             


2nd half of 18th century.  Set of 12 ll. Etchings, Paris by Le Gouaz.
Complete third part of the print series of boats and ships, published in 12 parts, each part consisting of 12 engravings. Drawn by Jeanne-Francoise Ozanne (1735-1795) and Pierre Ozanne (1737-1813), brother and sister from the well-known Ozanne-family of naval artists. The prints all illustrate single ships. They are signed with the  artists 'P.O.' Monogram.

reference: Cohen-De Ricci, col. 777 ; Polak 7253 & 10708 ; Cat. NHSM, p. 750; not in KVK; WorldCat.

Reference on, the art market:
This set of 12 sold by Ketterer Kunst in 2008 for 540 € / 702 $
The whole set (all parts) now offered by Forum rare books for 15.000 € / 19.500 $)

Price for the set: 385 € / 500 $

Inventor and engraver:
Pierre Ozanne (1737-1813) - French School 
Painter, drawer, engraver of marines. Born in Brest, the harbour of Bretagne, and died in the same city. Elder brother and pupil of Nicolas Marie Ozanne. He worked together with his brother and sisters Jeanne and Jeanne-Francois in the making of very interesting engravings related to the marine life. He became a marine himself and when he died he was captain of a ship. The museum of Cherbourg has paintings from him. Known are a suite of engravings called "Vaisseaux et autres batiments de mer.


Yves Le Gouaz (1842-1816) - French School
Born in Brest in 1742 and died in Paris in 1816. This publisher and engraver was married to Marie-Jeanne Ozanne, pupil of Alliamet and engraved also several suites of harbours after Vernet and Ozanne.

Good impressions on thick laid paper from the time. Total sheet measures 7.50 by 5.50 inches. The etching itself measures 5.00 by 4.00 inches on plate border. Mostly nice condition with in the margins occasional bleeding trough where tipped on a support sheet once. Good inside plate border.


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