Jan Van der Straet (Stradanus)

The Hunting-Parties,  1578

Jan Van der Straet           Jan Collaert               Phillips Galle           Theodor Galle         Cornelis Galle        Adrian Collaert    Joan Stradanus


Venationes ferarum avium, piscium...

After Jan van der Straet, called Stradanus  (Flemish, Bruges 1523–1605 Florence)

 Originally Philips Galle engraved 43 unnumbered plates with a dedication page to Cosimo de Medici;
this series was enlarged and further plates by A. Collaert, J. Collaert, C. Galle I and C. de Mallery were added.

Cornelis Galle
1596 or after Plate 12, Deer Hunt with Lassos
H.477.I Stradanus (other text then H.530 Galle)

Joan Collaert
1596 or after Plate 21 crow and starling hunt

Jan Collaert II
1596 or after Plate 27 (XXXIII), Buffalo Hunt
H498.III Stradanus H1508.II Collaert

Jan Collaert II
1596 or after Plate 35 (XXXVIII), Deer hunt with hounds
H503.III Stradanus H1512.II Collaert

Jan Collaert II
1596 or after Plate 39 (XXXV), Rabbit hunt with Leopard
H500.III Stradanus H1515.II Collaert

Phillips Galle
1578 or after. Plate 18 Hare Hunt
H536 I/IV before number. Galle

Phillips Galle
1578 or after. Plate 17 Fox Hunt
H.535 I/IV before number. Galle

Theodor Galle
1596 or after Plate 38 King of England hunting for rabbits
H.499.III Stradanus but here before the number

JAN VAN DER STRAET (1523-1605)
Painter/Draughtsman /Designer of prints and tapestries, mostly known as Joannes Stradanus; born in Bruges in 1532, received early instruction from his father Jan van der Straet (died 1535) and after his death for two years from Maximillian Franck (1490-1547); 1537-40 trained in Antwerp under Pieter Aertsen, and in c.1545 became a master in that city and that same year travelled to Italy via Lyon, where he worked with Corneille de Lyon; during his first stay in Florence (1546-50) designed tapestries for Cosimo de' Medici's factory, the Arazzeria Medicea; 1550-3 probably was in Rome where he collaborated with Daniele da Volterra in the Belvedere, deeply influenced by Salviati; back in Florence he made independent tapestry designs and from 1557 onwards worked under Giorgio Vasari's supervision on the decoration of the Palazzo Vecchio; 1563 and again in 1586 and 1591 was an officer of the Accademia del Disegno, painted altarpieces for several Florentine churches; 1578 designed two series of 'Hunting Scenes' engraved by Philip Galle, later republished as one series in c.1596; worked too in Naples on frescoes and easel paintings; 'retired' in1602 from the duties of the Accademia del Disegno and died in Florence 3 November 1605.

Philips Galle ( 1537 - 1612)      Theodor Galle (1571-1633)
Cornelis Galle I (1576-1650)      Adrian Collaert (1560-1618)
Joan Collaert II (1561-1620)

1578 for the first series by Philips Galle,
1596 for the enlarged series.

New Hollstein / Philips Galle 519-562
New Hollstein Johannes Stradanus 418 - ...

Splendid early impressions. Complete with text line. Excellent condition. H.535, h.536 and H.554 with small restoration of the corners.H.485 with text line cut of. Measures some 20,50 by 26 cm on plate border. Nice watermark on the early paper.

PHILIPS GALLE ( Flemish; 1537 - 1612)
Leading engraver and print dealer based in Antwerp; born in 1537 in Haarlem, it's possible that he was a pupil of Dirk Volkertsz. Coornhert, moved to Antwerp where he worked in the workshop of Hieronymus Cock. After 1557 he started his own publishing and print business, for which he travelled extensively: in 1560-61 he visited the southern Netherland, France, Germany and Italy. After 1564 he settled in Antwerp, where he acquired citizenship in 1571. One of the most prolific publishers in Europe in the second half of the sixteenth century after Cock died in 1570.

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