Painter-Engraver Jan Van den Hecke (1620-1684)

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Jan Van den Hecke (1620-1684)

Painter; Etcher; Still life painter; Landscape painter from Quaremonde near Oudenaerde

In 1636, Jan Van Den Hecke was an apprentice of Abraham Heck in Antwerp, in 1642, he became a Master there. In 1659, on his return from Rome where the Duke Bracciano took him under his wing, Jan Van Den Hecke settled definitely in Antwerp. He painted the landscapes, the booties of hunts as in the painting of Jan Fyt, but Van Den Hecke excelled especially in the flower compositions.His style was influenced by Daniel Seghers and Jan Davidsz De Heem. It was marked by an excellent presentation of flowers.He was among of some masters of his epoch (Jan Brueghel Younger and Philips de Marlier) to dedicate his works to the presentation of the single variety of flowers: tulips and wallflowers. He also made engravings of animals and battle scenes. Peter van der Eelstraeten and Peter de Clercq where his pupils in Antwerp

The set of 12 animals (1656)

Reference: Bartch 1-12
stat II on V (with the address of DE MAN)
10 on 12 prints H2 (sheep)  and H6 (dogs) missing
Early impressions, square plate borders

 Title of the series written on a pedestal:
"Magnificentissimo Principi / Paulo Iordano / Bracciani Duci etc. / Patrono suo plurimum colendo /
Hanc Zoographiam / confecrabat / Humillimus cliens / quam ipse inuenit et fecit aqua forti /
Joannes van den Hecke / 1656"

Reference: Hollstein 1
Title-page with title written on a large pedestal at the left, a fountain decorated with strigils in the foreground,
different animals drinking from the basin at the right, a dog in the lower left corner
frontispiece to a series of eleven prints showing animals

Hollstein 3 Hollstein 4 Hollstein 5
Hollstein 7 Hollstein 8 Hollstein 9
Hollstein 10 Hollstein 11 Hollstein 12

11 cm in height by 16,50 cm wide on plate border with tread margins.

 Very rare in this excellent early printing condition.

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