The realistic Dutch landscape of the Golden age

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One of the nicest subjects for collecting are the Dutch landscapes from the mid of the 17th century.
With this online catalogue I'm glad to offer some of the finest artists from the period.


Allaert Van Everdingen (1621-1675)

Complete set of the fountains of Spa

 (13,20 by 17 cm)  B.55-B.58 

B.99 The watermill (14 by 20 cm) (9,7 by 14 cm) B.29 (9 by 13 cm)


B.5 (7 by 7,5 cm)   B.6 (7,4 by 8,8 cm)


 B.37 (9,5 by 14 cm)   B.70 (14,5 by 10 cm


All these works are available for purchase.
Of course you can access larger images by clicking on the thumbnail images above.
Contact me for a price list if interested.

Below you can access detail images to see the quality of these works.



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