16th C. Hans Bol Landscape engravings

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Hans Bol (1534-1593) ) - Dutch School

This famous painter was born in Mechelen (Flanders). After some travelling he settled in Antwerp but religious raisons forced him to go to Amsterdam.
He work was inspired by Brueghel. It seems he never travelled to Italy. His work is therefore perhaps very Flemish in style and more natural.
 His paintings and drawings where very influential for the development of the landscape art

Flemish landscape with traveller left and castle right
Aegidius Sadeler(1570-1629)
Hans Bol inv.

A fine realistic landscape with no obvious theme.
A group of people is sitting down middle left and perhaps listening to a field preacher.

Watermark: Shield with an R inside
20 by 25,50 cm

Bird Catcher and tilt-cart wading trough a river
Johannes Sadeler sculp. H.563
Hans Bol inv.
22 by 27 cm

Group peasants worshipping image of Isis on donkey
Johannes Sadeler fe. H.564
Hans Bol Inv.
21,90 by 27,20 cm

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