German landscape artists

Mattheus Merian                                                 Jonas Umbach                                                      Isaac Major 

Early 17th century the German landscape art was still strongly influenced by the Flemish tradition from the artist at the court of Rudolf II of Prague, as we see in the work of Isaac Major who learned from the Sadelers. Mattheus Merian was a great Swiss artist who's work is closer to the Dutch tradition with Visscher and Van de Velde.
Jonas Umbach is a special case with fine etching in the pure Italian style.

Mattheus Merian (1593-1650)

The series of the months 

(2 out of 4)
Designed by Sebastian Vrancx in 1622

Each 26 by 37 cm

Marvellous early impressions trimmed on border line on strong laid paper with shields watermark.
Various condition with Winter without flaws, Spring with paper repair on the left and Fall with small restored tear.
Large, impressive early landscapes !


Various small landscapes by Merian



A nice group, each  measuring approximately 12 by 16 cm
Left top a wonderful morning landscape on watermarked paper
Middle two nice river landscapes
Bottom right the spectacular landscape in the form of a face.
Good impressions, most of them on watermarked paper.

Jonas Umbach (1624-1693)

Italian landscape
Signed and dated on the piedestal
10,5 by 15,5 cm
Collection mark    

Circular Italian landscape with herd
10,5 by 14 cm
Collection mark
Very fine impression    


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