The realistic Dutch landscape of the Golden age

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One of the nicest subjects for collecting are the Dutch landscapes from the mid of the 17th century.
With this online catalogue I'm glad to offer some of the finest artists from the period.

Roeland Roghman (1597-1686) - Dutch School

 Painter, etcher and draughtsman, brother of (1) Geertruydt Roghman. Arnold Houbraken said: ‘He was in his day, with Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, a great friend of Rembrandt van Rijn’. Roghman is usually considered a pupil of Rembrandt in Amsterdam, but there is no documentary evidence, and his style gives little support for this. Houbraken also mentioned that Roghman was blind in one eye. What is certain is that Roghman was familiar with the work of his great-uncle Roelandt Savery and that he travelled a great deal in the Netherlands and probably also through the Alps. A series of etchings of eight Mountainous Tyrolean Landscapes was published in Augsburg (Hollstein, nos 25–32); given their realistic character, it is likely that they were executed after his travels. It is possible but unconfirmable that Roghman also visited Italy, but he is documented in Amsterdam again

Maersseveense kerk B6 II/II
H.6 II / II with the number
13,50 by 16,50 cm
Sold from the inventory of Laurentius NL
A gorgeous early contemporary impression in top impression.
Full plate border and small margins.

20,2 by 12,2 cm
Good impression with full plate border

Jan Van Aken

Herman Saftleven Invent H 18
view on the Rhine
21,5 by 27 cm
on watermarked laid paper with chainlines at 2,8 cm
Full plate border and half cm margins

Herman Saftleven iInvent H 18
view on the Rhine
21,5 by 27 cm
on watermarked laid paper with chainlines at 2,5 cm
Collection stamp / Full plate border and small margins
Slight vertical fold, otherwise fine
Herman Saftleven invent H 20
view on the Rhine
21,5 by 27 cm
on watermarked laid paper with chain lines at 2,5 cm
Full plate border and small margins
small stain upper left border, otherwise fine

H.12   -   9,5 by 14 cm
Trimmed on image border. A good black impression,
Several collection marks on the backside

Jan Van Almeloven (1652-1683)

Jan van Almeloveen (c. 1652 — after 1683 was a Dutch painter, engraver, and draughtsman of the 17th century, principally known for some neatly-executed etchings of landscapes.
He was born c. 1652 in Mijdrecht, according to an inscription on his 1678 mezzotint portrait of his father, Johannes ab Almeloveen, a preacher in that city. He made 38 prints in total, all of which are etchings, mostly landscapes, including Dutch villages and rivers. Twenty of his landscape prints are based on the work of Dutch painter Herman Saftleven, with twelve depicting Dutch villages, and a series of four diamond-shaped prints of the Four Seasons. The other prints were created from his own designs and are less lively in composition. He died sometime after 1683, the year written on his last known print.


H.25 (III / V) - 14,50 by 19,00 cm
Very good impression with chain lines at 2,50 cm
Collection stamp on the backside

H.25 (III / V) - 14,50 by 19,00 cm
Good impression with chain lines at 2,60 cm
Watermarked laid paper




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